Conservative Groups Issue Warning to Republican Leaders In Congress

As Republican leaders in the House rush to pass an Obama/Google-backed overhaul of the U.S. patent system, leading conservative groups are speaking out against the legislation. The American Conservative Union, Club for Growth, and Eagle Forum have joined together to run a full page ad in the Washington Times and Washington Post, declaring in advance of a vote on H.R. 9: “China loves it. Inventors fear it. The founders would have hated it.”

As I wrote last week, it isn’t shocking that Obama is manufacturing a sense of urgency at the behest of  Google and his corporate cronies who stand to benefit most from this legislation. The real surprise has been that GOP leaders in Congress are standing ready with the getaway car, emerging as their key accomplice, in what Michelle Malkin has described as Obama’s radical transformation of America’s patent system.

This new ad blitz was released with a stern warning to Republican leaders on the Hill. “The American people need Congress to promote and pass pro-growth policies that help American innovation, not harm it.  This legislation is anti-growth and stifles innovation,” said David McIntosh, President of the Club for Growth.  “The American people did not give the GOP a majority in both Houses of Congress in 2014 so they could pass laws that harm American ingenuity and economic growth,” he added.