When the MSM goes MIA

Democrats stunned voters and pundits alike last month when they selected little-known state representative Amanda Curtis to run for U.S. Senate in Montana. As a single-term lawmaker entering the race less than three months out from Election Day, Curtis stands little chance of winning the seat–especially with her well-documented links to communism.

Even more shocking is the embrace she has received from national Democrats, and the double standard applied by the mainstream media.

Consider the controversy caused by Mitt Romney’s ’47 percent’ comment, which Democrats and the media made a toxic issue for the former presidential candidate and any fellow Republicans who dared to continue supporting him in its wake.

Yet, the media has willfully ignored the phalanx of prominent national Democrats who have lined up to support Amanda Curtis and her extreme views. Former Vermont governor Howard Dean’s PAC, Democracy for America, has announced their proud support for Curtis; Harry Reid seems to think Democrats are “doing really well” in Montana; and New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand has raised money for her. And while operatives and bloggers on the right have been quick to draw attention to Curtis’ extreme ideology, the mainstream media has been noticeably absent.

In fact, the media seems content to not probe beyond her campaign’s flimsy explanation that her current involvement with communist advocacy stems from growing up “in a family that struggled to put food on the table.”

Curtis’ ideology goes much farther left than the typical angry liberal, however. Her online profile paints a disturbing picture of nothing less than a radical left-wing revolutionary. In 2008, for example, she wrote a pair of articles for the Industrial Workers of the World, an organized labor group with a decidedly Marxist bent. The IWW’s website says that a class struggle between workers and employers must go on until workers can organize together to “abolish the wage system.”

One of Curtis’ IWW articles quoted a member named Kevin Curtis, but neglects to identify him as her husband. It turns out that Kevin is not only a member of the communist-oriented group, but a local delegate for its Montana affiliate. The website for Kevin Curtis’ branch states that the group wants to organize Montanans into “One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.”

On Facebook, Curtis has shared a quote from 19th century labor leader William Sylvis threatening to “resort to sterner means” if victory over the “moneyed power” is unable to be achieved at the ballot box. In another post she celebrates Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a Communist Party USA Chair and leading organizer for IWW who was given a state funeral by the Soviet government. Curtis even changed her profile picture to a photo of Flynn.

After running, and subsequently withdrawing, a plagiarist as their party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate in Montana, you’d expect Democrats to be a little more careful before throwing their support behind the next nominee. Apparently not.

So far Curtis hasn’t shied away from playing this class card on the campaign trail–albeit with a little more tact–consistently portraying Republican Rep. Steve Daines as a corporate shill who constantly sides with the interests of the rich.

With her avid v-logging, a nose ring, and irreverent charisma, the 34-year-old Curtis has the wrappings of a next-generation Senate candidate, but looks can be deceiving. Republicans have created a series of video clips from her term in the statehouse, which show her mocking gun owners, dismissing concerns over America’s national debt as “bull,” joking about being an “anarchist at heart,” and bashing Christian values.

Lest we forget, Curtis is a major party candidate for national office, and the radical views she is working to advance – along with the prominent Democratic officials who continue to support her – raise major questions about what their party stands for.