What Joe Wilson should have said.

in theory, let’s pretend he said this.

“I do not apologize for my actions. I know he lied. That majority of American’s also now he lied. The only people who are offended by my actions are the same people who would boo a former president and then call it “patriotic duty”. We live in a time when the very purpose of this country is being threatened. I spoke out because I feel the America I love is dying.

I know what the media will say about that. They’ll say I support the racist America. The America that would have slaves. To those people, I say this. I support the America that was founded as a place of freedom. My America is the country that tore itself apart to end slavery. My America sacrificed it’s son and daughters all over Europe to stop a monster. My America was attacked on 2001 and responded by liberating two countries. So, if supporting America is evil, then so be it.

If you think my response to his speech was outlandish, consider the behavior of our current administration. We have czars, we purchased GM, we are trying to socialize medicine, etc..and the list goes on. In comparison to the administrations behavior, my yelling during his speech is pretty tame.

So, I do not apologize. I simply am saying what we all know.”