When you look at the word “lead” you can think a few things.  When it pertains to politics I like to think our elected officials will be our leaders. What other reason should we elect someone, if not to be our leader. They are our voice and should represent us.

Lately, i’ve been watching the behavior of the president.  Earlier this week I read an article where he “wanted to get out of the White House”. This was one day after he held a Super Bowl party. Today, I read a story about his first Air Force One flight. His destination is a 3 day retreat. You can read the description of the place on your own. Also, I’m not going to get into the comparisions of previous first trips either. What I am concerned about is leadership.

He hasn’t been in office a month and he is going to retreats, taking trips to “get out of the white house” and generally allowing Pelosi and Reid to have the reigns of the executive branch. I wonder if he realizes that the country has 3 branches of government for a reason. Checks and Balances? Well, he probably doesn’t care one way or the other. I think he would rather be the King of America. Let all his minions do his work for him. That way he can take the credit for the good and blame his enemies for the bad.

This doesn’t surprise me. I got this odd vibe when he was at the first bailout meeting. He just sat there like a little kid. It reminded me of the little kid who sits at the adult table during Thanksgiving. They just sit there awkwardly listening to the conversation and on occasion try to add their 2 cents so they feel included. They hear the convo but fail to understand what is going on.

So now what does he do? He goes and writes an article and makes a speech trying to scare the entire country. The problem! This is the time when I start to look at the word “Lead” like a heavy metal instead of leadership. He’s weighing down this country like a piece of lead. Unfortunately, the media thinks they can turn him into gold.

Bad puns aside, scaring people is not leadership. A leader is a motivator. He’s trying to lead by fear. I think most people can draw a conclusion from this. His entire campaign was based on Hope and Change, but he has completely abandon that platform and opted to use fear. This isn’t a new thing. It happens the world over. I just “hope” it’s not a symptom of a bigger issue.

(i am not a writer, political expert, or professional blogger extraordinare. I am simply a citizen of this country writing what I am seeing. This is strictly my opinion, warts and all.)