Well, first post, so here goes.

Hey. This is my first post on RedState, and I really don’t know how I should properly introduce myself. So, I’ll begin with a little background: as of July 11, 2012, I’m an 18 year-old college student who’s a conservative… except you probably already knew the latter. That’s pretty much all there is to me, except for I’m a grammar Nazi (I wish there was a better way to express this without the word Nazi), I love sports, and I’m a Christian.

SO. It’s time for what this diary entry is about. Today, as I was walking into the YMCA to go lift (weights), I saw a sticker on a car that said something to the effect of: If you’re not going to stand behind our troops, stand in front of them.

As I was lifting, I started to dwell on what the sticker implied. See, I have lived my whole life with the belief that those who put their live on the line to save others – be it police officers, firefighters, or soldiers – are deserving of the utmost respect and support. Although I’m into guns and the like, I’ve never really felt the calling to be a solider. However, throughout my life I’ve met many soldiers, many of them friends.

That being said, the reason this sticker resonates with me is because I cannot stand people who “diss” on soldiers; especially when they generalize ALL soldiers.

Let’s not be naive: no one is perfect. Regardless of that, though, what is so wrong with supporting our military as a whole? Supporting our military as a whole – all our soldiers – doesn’t mean that you condone the wrongs committed; in fact, I almost think it’s worse to say, “I only support the soldiers who have served honorably.” It’s a petty attempt to save face.

Are we to nit-pick each incident to see who is at fault? I argue no. Our military has been a net gain for the world. Your morality does not become compromised because you support an institution that has done more good than bad.

I support the U.S. Government. I dislike liberal ideology, and I dislike many of the rules, laws, and actions of the left. However, I support the U.S. Government.

Without unity, we’re easily wasted away. If an agonist muscle in the body did not have an antagonist or synergist, the body couldn’t move properly and would be rendered useless.

Our military – and government – is the same way. We need to have all parts working properly, and all parts need the proper support. Only supporting what you deem good – or not supporting “it” at all because you deem part of “it” bad – will be the ruin of America.

Don’t compromise your morals, but don’t be a fool.

– Eric