Trump Voters are Right, Until They're Wrong

People are angry.

Immigrants are pouring across the border at an uncontrollable rate.

The economy is unstable at best, and wages are stagnant.

Populist politicians are gaining traction. The American Party, People’s Party and the Know-Nothings have riled people up.

People are mad as hell, and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Sound familiar?

By the late 1800s, anger dominated the political landscape. Today, these groups don’t have names, or organization, but you know them by their leaders: Trump, Palin, Sanders and others. And the anger is palpable.

These folks grow and feed on anger run amok. Today, Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner but not because he is conservative, a proven Republican, or even a good guy. Trump is leading because he is pissed. His supporters are pissed. That is all they see, hear or care about when it comes to his comments. But are they right?

To be clear, I despise Donald Trump. He is a liberal, big government autocrat. He would be disastrous on both foreign and domestic policy. But I also realize that when self-righteous college brats scream at Trump and his supporters about their ignorance and racism, it only fuels their anger. They become fortified in their desire to tear down the system.

Simply put, Trump fans and the whiny outrage culture they propagate need each other. They sustain one another.

As Trump stokes the flames, Sanders presents unrealistic societal expectation based upon a cadre of freebies. Free college, free health insurance, free family leave. Between the two populists, we can only expect the political system to become more angry. It’s a perpetual cycle of overpromising and under delivering.

There are real reasons to be angry, however. We have a Social Security system on the brink with hundreds of politicians who have promised to fix it and done nothing. We have a healthcare system that the government has spun so out-of-whack it looks beyond repair. Our military veterans, Americans who deserve the absolute best treatment, are literally dying as they wait for help from the government. And the problems on our southern border are getting worse every day. These are fixes that have been promised for decades. These are real, personal, tangible problems that are plaguing good people. These are reasons to be angry. The status quo’s absolute failure has brought us to this political point.

So when you vote, consider practical solutions to real problems. We won’t solve problems by making everything free, and undermining revenue streams for businesses. We won’t solve our immigration problem by somehow forcing Mexico to build a massive wall. We won’t fix the VA, Social Security and healthcare by shoveling on bureaucracy. Maybe most importantly, we won’t heal our horribly divided country by having candidates who resort to bombast, name-calling and xenophobia.

No matter your political perspective, don’t suspend reality to believe in fairytales.

Your anger is real.

Your anger is valid.

Your anger is finally being heard.

Now, let’s stop making the problem worse.