You Can Be Nice, Or You Can Save A Nation...

The following is a post I wrote in response to GayPatriot’s position that trolls should be allowed to continue unabated. Needless to say, I disagreed…


Much has been made behind the scenes here of my approach to certain commenters who have made abundantly clear their disdain for anything resembling dissent. Miss Hillary solidified a career, after all, of screeching about the importance of honoring contrary speech and defining such as patriotism.

Unfortunately, as the left is so inclined to do, their idea of patriotism only extends as far as their egalitarian wet dreams. In other words, “dissent” is defined as that which they agree with (or want to hear), uttered only by people they deem worthy of free speech (Jesus freaks and capitalists need not apply, thank you very much).

So it goes that I took it upon myself last week to resign from my long-time employer in favor of dedicating my talent and skill set toward the inevitable electoral destruction of Barry Soetero (aka Barack Hussein Obama) and the progressive destructive agenda he and his followers remain convinced will eventually work, despite centuries of death, famine and pestilence to the contrary.

However, we here at GayPatriot have never been at a loss for hate mail. Many of you remember well the words of trolls past, some of whom have darkened our cyber-doors for years before finally surrendering to the more inherently vile aspects of their worldview. To be sure, at least one of these poor souls continues to comment here, even though his words have long since been consigned to a folder none of us ever sees, save for our daily disposal of trash.

Long story short: Daniel and I have long disagreed as to the approach we should take with regard to our resident lefties. While we both acknowledge that Democrats are inherently disingenuous and hypocritical, Daniel insists that allowing them to play by a set of rules they are congenitally incapable of adhering to somehow validates our own principles.

I, on the other hand, subscribe to the Andrew Brietbart School of Thought, in that allowing your enemy to tap his spleen of ignorance and intellectual dishonesty can only result in his insistence that somehow, he has a right to do so, regardless of the fact that the microphone he screeches into belongs to you.

My point here is simple…while Dan and Bruce own this site, and have been nothing short of completely supportive of my decision to dedicate my skills and talent to Newt Gingrich, I’m going to forego posting here until after such time as Barack Obama (aka the Mocha Messiah, SCOAMF) is escorted onto Marine One in January, 2013. The closer we get to next November, the more vociferous and ridiculous the left is going to become as they struggle to come to terms with the inevitability of their defeat, and as long as the owners of this site continue to believe that paying for the privilege of allowing the unhinged to delude themselves into believing their fantasies are falling upon willing ears, I’ll gladly occupy my time with receiving the millions of dollars needed to ensure Newt stomps Obama like a narc at a biker rally.

Because that, my friends, is going to be friggin priceless…

See ya in 2013.