The Inevitable "Occupy Star Fleet!" Thread

Not sure if someone’s already drawn the parallels here, but what the hell – it’s Monday, right?

Tell me this doesn’t strike you as familiar in some weird, geeky way…

According to the Star Trek Wikipedia, Memory Alpha, the synopsis for this episode, “The Way to Eden,” is as follows…

The Enterprise picks up a group of occupiers, er…”renegades” who have rejected modern technological life to search for the mythical planet Eden.

Of course, the “space hippies” are genetically altered in order to bring about a more perfect, egalitarian, utopian race, completely oblivious to the deadly disease that they’ve contracted as a result of their petulant, elitist ideology. Again, am I the only one seeing something strangely familiar here?

They end up trying to steal the Enterprise (paging Elizabeth Warren!!), a vessel they neither constructed nor own, in an attempt to drag the knuckle-dragging, proletariat Enterprise crew, kicking and screaming into their self-destructive future.

Again, I find it interesting that these people, having failed countless times to bring their fantasies to fruition on their own, somehow depend upon the very system they purport to despise to provide them with an infrastructure from which to commence whatever inevitable failures their masters conceive of.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a Trekkie, but despite Gene Roddenberry’s penchant for envisioning egalitarian utopias, the man not only clearly prophesied iPods, iPads and smartphones, he also seemed to sense the left’s stubborn refusal to pay attention to their own repeated failures.

“Live long and prosper,” but do please try to remember to pay your friggin bills.