Like A Punch In The Face, Occubots Learning Valuable Life Lessons

Reality keeps coming, as noted in this article in the New York Magazine (language warning). People are upset that they don’t get to drum all day and all night–and that their fellow occupiers might want to sleep also. People are upset that they have to share their tips. People are upset because of the community consensus process–so they are breaking into smaller groups. People are upset that other occupiers are acting like spoiled children. People are upset that fellow occupiers are not sharing their stuff equally. People are upset that fellow occupiers don’t like to clean up. People are upset that their fellow occupiers are making them clean up.

In short, people are being people in a park in New York City. And other people are wondering why it is working out this way.

It is simple, really. I don’t personally believe that human beings are intrinsically good. Rather, they are intrinsically flawed. That’s why we need laws which are based in fact outside of ourselves. That is why the rule of law is key to a useful society. That is why quasi-anarchy does not work.

I should note, however, that where the so-called “liberal elite” use our human frailties as the basis for judging us too ignorant to know good from evil, thereby legislating and/or regulating us knuckle-dragging proles into some insane fantasy of egalitarian perfection, conservatives take it for granted that their fellow humans understand right from wrong, and simply demand respect for oneself and one’s fellow citizens. This, to most thinking people, is best achieved by taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Of course, it also helps to accept that 2+2=4. It will always equal 4. It has never equaled anything other than 4, regardless of the fact that the first person to have arrived at that answer may have been a greedy, selfish, 1% free market capitalist, and should therefore be disregarded.

Perhaps some of the occupiers will use what they’ve learned to grow up. Then again, maybe they’ll just be upset about that, too.