"You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits"

The mass of petulant self-absorption and impotent rage known as “Occupy [insert name here]” has finally managed to do what progressives everywhere have been unwilling to do for almost a century: tell the world what it is they truly believe.

Less than 36 months after they were promised a permanent Democrat majority and dismayed by the abject failure of an overrated community activist (yet unwilling to leave that abusive relationship), the fruits of the Boomer generation, themselves the spoiled fruits of the Greatest Generation, have a message for us all:

When words simply cannot convey the intensity of your loathing and passion of your argument, I suppose it makes perfect sense to drop your pants in broad daylight and confess to the world that while elections have consequences, defecating on a police car is completely logical when you can’t win any.

When I first began blogging in the weeks leading up the 2004 elections, I found myself primarily playing defense for an administration I disagreed with domestically, but felt compelled to support in the face of a Democrat Party that regarded my career Army brother as no better than “Nazis, Pol Pot, and others.” From the moment Dick Durbin uttered those words until that night in Grant Park when the Lightbringer ascended to the right hand of Saul Alinsky, I watched as the fruits of the Great Society consumed mass quantities, threw infantile temper tantrums when told “no,” and gleefully mocked, demonized, marginalized and urinated on anyone who dared question them (Yet Nancy Pelosi is offended because Scott Brown has no burning desire to see Liz Warren naked. Go figure.).

Three years later, and the utter failure of Barack Obama and the progressive agenda is self-evident. All have been exposed as narcissistic, self-absorbed con artists, and none have proven worthy of even a scintilla of the respect they claim every human being is entitled to, as exemplified by this young man’s inhuman display last Friday in New York.

This is the essence of the Democrat Party. This is “the 99%” Pelosi, Obama and Hugo Chavez and every other unapologetic liar cheers on in their pursuit of “a higher truth.”

However, I must confess that I, too, wish them “long life and ample publicity,” in the words of George Will:

“[T]he tea party was the bourgeoisie in revolt and they immediately went into the business of winning elections and running candidates,” Will said on ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.”

“I disagree with some of the Republicans. I wish the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators long life and ample publicity for two reasons: I think they do represent the intellectual spirit of the American left, but also I remember 1960s. We had four years of demonstrations like this led up to 1968 when the Nixon/Wallace vote was 57 percent — the country reacting against demonstrators, and Republicans went on to win five of the next six presidential elections.”


Perhaps the greatest thing about the Democrats’ and progressives’ lack of character is their utter inability to learn from their mistakes. Couple this with their delusions of grandeur, and it makes their tears of defeat all the more delicious, does it not?

If it were up to me, I’d give the repugnant little savage in the picture a medal.