Jews: "We're just not that into you Democrats anymore." Democrats: "We're still on for Tuesday night, right?"

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz still has a lot to learn about the “art of spin,” after claiming that losing NY-9, a seat her party has held since 1922, can be chalked up to it being an historically “difficult district for Democrats.” Oh, and those Orthodox Jews didn’t help any, either.

Well, just in time comes Sen. Chuck Schumer to double down, er…“clarify” his party’s position:

After canceling his own conference call (on getting federal disaster aid for flood-ravaged NY farmers), Sen. Chuck Schumer teamed up with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to push back against the GOP spin that Congressman-elect Bob Turner’s upset win in NY-9 spells bad news at the national level for Democrats, and President Obama in particular.

Schumer, who represented NY-9 for 18 years, insisted the district is about 75 percent the same today, geographically speaking, as it was when he was in office, but drastically different when it comes to demographics. There are more Orthodox Jews, he said, and also more immigrants, making the district skew even more conservative than it had been back in his day…

Wasserman-Schultz, a Florida Jew, also predicted Obama – and the Democrats in general – “have consistently received the Jewish vote and will again” due to the president’s “strong record” on Israel and other issues Jewish voters care about.

Apparently, she hasn’t spoken with former NYC Mayor Ed Koch lately.

So, if I hear these two correctly, this heavily Democratic, Jewish district just told their party to go pound sand, but that was to be entirely expected, given that the number of Orthodox Jews has increased exponentially. However, they always vote Democrat, and will continue to do so, except for this one time, right?

This isn’t just mind-boggling spin – it’s delusional.