WI Supreme Court Justice Ann Bradley - Defender of Lies, Faux Victimhood, & Failed Progressive Thought

We all know the story by now – Wisconsin Justice Ann Walsh Bradley publicly accused Justice David Prosser of using a “chokehold” on her during an incident on June 13 of this year.

However, last Thursday, it was revealed that Bradley concocted her entire story out of whole cloth. Shocker!

Gabe over at AoSHQ summarizes…

Justice Bradley charged at Prosser. Justice Bradley raised her fist to him. Justice Bradley had to be restrained by a third Justice to keep her off of Prosser. All interviewees, including Bradley, told investigators that Prosser’s part was simply to raise his hands in self-defense. The so-called “chokehold” that Bradley told the press about (but not the police, notably) never happened.

Basically, as is par for the course with the Professional, Perpetually-Aggrieved Left, Bradley had absolutely no qualms about spewing blatant lies, given that sympathetic journalists and hyper-enraged partisans in the blogosphere were sure to heed the battle cry.

Certainly, given the MSM’s lack of intellectual curiosity as regards All Things Liberal, Bradley, like countless others of her ilk, no longer feel burdened by the need to substantiate anything they say with facts. Like adolescents who lack the maturity to understand they’ve been caught red-handed by adults who know precisely what they’ve done, progressives seem to think that their every utterance is going to be believed without question.

But Ms. Bradley takes it a step further…

Bradley has continued to use the theme of workplace safety even after the charges were dropped against Prosser, in this statement she released:

“This is and remains an issue of workplace safety.

My focus from the outset has not been one of criminal prosecution, but rather addressing workplace safety….

I well understand the difficulty of gaining any criminal conviction. The prosecution’s burden of proof is very heavy, as it should be….

With the potential for prosecution now eliminated, I will renew my efforts to seek the cooperation of my colleagues on the court to resolve this progressive workplace safety issue.”

She seems to be a student of the Lenny Bruce school of evading responsibility:

Deny it. Even if they have pictures, deny it.

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