Expert: The left fails because Americans are stupid, clinging to a murderous past, or something

Progressives have never made a secret of their desire to emulate the socialist socioeconomic policies of Western Europe, regardless of how many times that worldview has resulted in failure, chaos and death.

In his new book, “American Dreamers,” Georgetown University professor of history, Michael Kazin, tells Salon.com’s Mandy Van Deven that America’s failure to embrace this historically decimating ideology can only be explained because we stubbornly insist upon making our own way in the world:

…most Americans accept the basic ground rules of capitalist society. The ideas are that if you work hard you can get ahead and that it’s better to be self-employed than employed by the people. They believe that the basics of a capitalist society are just or can be made just with small alterations. Americans want capitalism to work well for everybody, which is somewhat of a contradiction in terms since capitalism is about people competing with each other to get ahead, and everyone’s not going to be able to do well at the same time. That’s simply not possible.

Oh, did I say he believes that we’re stubborn? I’m sorry. He meant we’re stupid and greedy.

And they wonder why we don’t swoon under their charm.

To his credit, though, at least Kazin is honest enough to admit that the reason the left has been so successful in rotting away Europe like a cancer is it’s dependance upon classism:

Why has the left in Europe been so much more successful at making real change?

The left in Europe arises out of a more traditional class structure, and the left parties there were formed on the basis on those class divisions. Most European countries had feudal societies before they transformed into nation-states. When those societies became capitalist, they retained many of the old divisions both in terms of people’s consciousness and in terms of the new social structure. Peasants and lords became workers and employers. So, the parties there tended to fall along class lines much more than in the United States, and people growing up on either side of the class boundary fueled the movements on the left.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, liberals fail wherever people are already free to succeed. For progressives to achieve anything requires identifying and exploiting peoples’ differences and fomenting opposition between them. You know, like “community organizing.”

Kazin does a pretty effective job of hoisting the left on it’s own petard in this piece, but just can’t stop himself from eventually throwing in a little homage to Howard Zinn:

The myth of the self-made man that emerged in the 19th century wasn’t entirely a myth. There were people who came to America and did very well for themselves. They had to do things like kill Native Americans and destroy the land in the process, but they made better lives for their families.

So, what we have here is your garden variety academic who basically admits that the American majority’s entrenched, inherent belief in the capitalist system all but destroys any hope the left may have of turning the United States into some festering, quasi-European welfare state. After all, nothing frustrates the progressive agenda quite like that pesky “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” nonsense.

Given the choice between slapping them away like mosquitoes every few years (or listening to them howl like banshees), and actually having to live the rest of my life under their thumb, I’ll take the former any day, thank you very much.

If politics truly were a sport, the left would have been mathematically eliminated almost three years ago.