Dimming the "Lightbringer"

Old & Busted: Obama’s gonna stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet!!!

The New Hotness: Our expectations were unrealistic, and we didn’t factor in a stupid, racist, tea-bagging Congress.

In a stunning display of liberal obtuseness, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter and the NYT’s Tim Egan last week demonstrated precisely how the left intends to nuance Obama’s unrelenting inability to do the job he was annointed elected to do. Contrary to their earlier insipid messianic fantasies and wishful comparisons to FDR, the liberal elites seem to finally accept that He Who Walks Among Us isn’t quite as worthy of deification as they may have once believed.

Alter’s piece is the more subtle of the two, demanding that we “prove” to him that Obama has been a bad president. This is intriguing, given that it isn’t quite the lofty praise one would have expected less than 36 months after the Grant Park Annunciation. If Obama had indeed been “all that and a bag of chips,” as we have been breathlessly told most every day for the last three years, why one earth would someone choose to highlight his alleged accomplishments by petulantly asserting, “well, you can’t prove he isn’t terrific!!!”

Egan’s article
, on the other hand, is far more entertaining for it’s obvious passive-aggressive pouting:

Hope and audacity hung in the winter air those early months of the perilous presidency of Barack Obama, a time when street vendors were selling pictures of him as Superman, complete with an “S” across his chest.

I remember picking one up, thinking the collage might be worth something down the road. Of course it was never realistic, despite Obama’s gifts of oration and the power of his narrative, for him to be The One, or The Natural, let alone a superhero. We can’t help it, though; every inauguration is like the start of a new baseball season, filled with hope for the rookie to hit 60 home runs.

I’d give Egan the benefit of the doubt as to whether or not he bought an Obama/Superman picture as an investment, or knew during “those early months” that the comparisons were unrealistic, were it not for his well-documented loathing of anyone “too ignorant and easily ‘distracted’ to fight for their own interests.”

Through the haze of this dystopia, Obama has no skip in his step, no lift in his voice. His poll numbers are the worst of his time in office. His enemies no longer call him Muslim, socialist or Kenyan. They don’t have to: they point to 9.1 percent unemployment, and seek to ride the wave pushed by three-fourths of the country that feels the nation is going in the wrong direction.

This paragraph may very well be the most honest thing Timothy Egan has ever written. As they say of the soon-to-be-recovering alcoholic, “a moment of clarity,” perhaps.

But alas, it is all too brief…

The president’s supporters expect him to emerge from a deserved vacation with a term-saving jobs plan, and maybe the old cape out of the closet. They should forget such delusions. The jobs proposal will go nowhere in a Congress that has made clear from the beginning it cares about only one thing: ensuring that Obama fails.

And the Superman hype — that came with the froth of the 2008 campaign, when his words seemed strong enough to break up a storm, and the idea of a black man becoming leader of a nation born with slavery was so potent.

This is where the wheels start to come off Egan’s wagon, as he seems tragically unable to let go of his adoration: Obama is “beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish,” yet his God-like, storm-dispersing oratory is no match for the tyranny of evil men.

Urban liberals, labor, blacks and Hispanics, environmentalists, the young – the core of Obama’s army in 2008 — are disappointed in the president…

But instead of waiting for an arm-flapping populist to emerge from the genteel summer redoubt on Martha’s Vineyard, the left should focus on the coming ground war, and try to fill Congress with new people who can at least tell fact from fiction.

In other words, Egan’s taking his ball and going home.

The entire piece reeks of unrequited love – of a young liberal’s crushing disappointment. He knows how ridiculous it was to throw himself into the relationship with such reckless abandon, and even admits his expectations were unrealistic. However, Egan just can’t bring himself to let go of the joyful fantasy of 2008, choosing instead to lay the blame for his disappointment at the feet of the very people that exposed the emperor’s nakedness.

Some are remarking that the left has given up on Obama. Nonsense. He is the epitome of everything they have ever hoped for and dreamed of. But, just like any other dysfunctional, abusive relationship, they’ll refuse to press charges and blame it all on the wickedness of booze.