Katy Perry Prays For Israel - The Left Prays For Her Death

I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING this “New Civility!”

Look, I’m no huge fan of hers, but anyone who can so effortlessly strip away the false tolerance of the left, and do so in less than 140 characters, no less, is definitely worthy of some respect, right?

Pretty innocuous, right? Unless, of course, you live your life in a perpetual state of seething rage…(click on the image to enlarge)

Unfortunately, because her bubble-head persona is grounded in a bit of truth, she decided she needed to back off of that initial, laudable message…

But, as is typical of the left, there can be no redemption for heresy…

There really is no debate to be had with these people, who gleefully revel in hatred, hypocrisy and deliberate ignorance. However, with the meteoric rise of the New Media, coupled with the disastrous results of the liberal/progressive agenda, they’re finding themselves increasingly marginalized and irrelevant.

Fortunately for us, their impotent rage continues growing, unabated and exposed, as a source of endless amusement.