Maureen Dowd: Obama failing because he doesn't blame enough people, or something.

Twenty paragraphs of epic denial…

Hey, I can sympathize, kind of. Repeated attempts to explain away the relentless incompetence of The Lightbringer has become so increasingly frustrating, we’re seeing Noble Prize-winning economists discussing the job-creating benefits of an alien invasion, for cryin’ out loud.

Little surprise, then, that MoDo latches on to a most absurd theory, rather than accept that Barack is in waaaaay over his head.

But as Drew Westen, a liberal psychology professor at Emory University wrote in The Times on Sunday, puzzling about what has happened to his former hero’s passion, the president never identifies the villains who cause our epic problems.

It’s unclear, Westen wrote, whether that reflects his aversion to conflict or a fear of offending donors, or both.

Obama’s assumption that you can rise above ascribing villainous motives has caused him to waste huge chunks of his first term seeking bipartisanship from Republicans who were playing him for a dupe. And it has led to Americans regarding the nation’s capital as a place of all villains and no heroes.

That’s right. The man hasn’t identified any villains at all. Other than the Tea Party, Fox News, coal miners, union busters, corporate jet owners, bitter clingers, budget hawks, Second Amendment supporters, Sarah Palin, strict Constitutionalists, free market advocates, and anti-abortion protesters.