The Myth of the Anti-War Left, or "No Blood For Incompetence!!!"

In an earlier thread on my blog, I observed the distinct absence of the sort of vitriolic, unrelenting protests against America’s military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan since Obama took office in 2008, and logically postulated that as a result, what the MSM regularly referred to as “the anti-war movement” was in reality, nothing more than a sustained, petulant tantrum directed at a Republican president.

Indeed, even those few on the far-left who still can’t rid themselves of their Bush Derangement Syndrome recognized a long time ago just how utterly devoid of character their fellow progressives really are:

Progressives have made a deal with the devil. And the bargain is this: they’ll shut up about murdering innocent Afghan and Pakistani civilians, about US assassination squads, and about the wholesale assault on our civil liberties, if they can get the goodies they want here at home: more government spending, more government employees, and more government period. After all, who cares if a lot of foreigners get killed? As long as they get theirs.

Oh, so true. But then again, this is something conservatives have known since Ronald Reagan took office in 1980; the left are nothing, if not masters of obfuscation and willful obtuseness. Ever-fearful of revealing their true desires for fear of well-deserved rejection at the hands of an electorate they neither trust nor respect, they prefer to engage in an endless barrage of projection, hypocrisy and outright dishonesty, all in the hopes that with repetition, come results.

And for a while, and to an extent, this actually worked. The Democrat Party were given everything they wanted for two years, but were it not for our “racism,” does anyone seriously believe we’d be saddled with Obamacare? On the contrary, the Democrats were so justifiably terrified at having to be solely accountable for anything they might have accomplished in their two years of unassailable power, they found themselves having to resort to the most infantile name-calling, disingenuous arguments and outright dishonesty I have ever witnessed in my 45 years. Little wonder, then, that some hard-core lefties find themselves pining away for what might have been with Hillary Clinton.

No, there never was an “anti-war left,” but if we are to use their fallacious reasoning, then there certainly can be an “anti-war right,” which is now beginning to lay the blame for the bloodiest day in the Afghan War directly at the feet of President Obama, who screamed from every rooftop he could find about how singularly opposed he was to the very operation he apparently hasn’t the cajones to end.