Terrorists Are Terrorists, Period (Even If They're AWOL Americans)

Can we agree on that, please?

A U.S. Army soldier arrested with bomb-making materials near Fort Hood, Texas was hatching a “terror plot” to attack military personnel, local police said on Thursday.

Naser Jason Abdo, 21, was arrested on Wednesday after materials that authorities said could have made a bomb were discovered in his motel room in Killeen, a small city just outside the base.

Federal charges were expected to be filed as early as Thursday, officials said.

“Military personnel were a target,” Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin told a press conference in response to a question about whether Abdo planned to attack Fort Hood.

Observant follower of the "Religion of Peace"

Now, if someone can tell me why the hell a “conscientious objector” would enlist in the friggin military, I’d be truly grateful.

On another note, I would mention that this aspiring devotee of Allah was apparently willing to collect a paycheck, right up until the time he discovered that that, apparently, was a level of hypocrisy that might interfere with his 72 virgins, or whatever nonsense it is that they believe in.