"BushieMcChimpHitler," Notorious War Criminal, To Grant Exclusive Interview On Anniversary Of 9/11

…and in doing so, will completely outclass the petulant, unqualified man-child presently occupying the Oval Office.

This leader didn't need "I," "me," or "mine."

National Geographic Channel (NGC) is to mark the forthcoming anniversary of 9/11 with an exclusive interview with George W Bush (pictured), in which the former president recounts and reflects on his personal experiences of the terror attacks a decade ago.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview will air on NGC in the U.S. on August 28 and in the UK on September 6, representing the cornerstone of the network’s 9/11-themed programming.

The documentary was taped over the course of a two-day interview, and sees Bush opening up “with candid details and personal experiences on the grueling hours and pressure-packed days following the attacks,” according to the network.

The doc will also feature never-before-released archival footage and exclusive materials directly from the George W. Bush Presidential Library. With the interview, the president did not request final approval or ask to see the questions beforehand, but appropriately stipulated that the questioning be limited solely to 9/11, and not to other aspects of his presidency.

I am sorely tempted to address this in the manner in which it will no doubt be reviled, but to be honest, I’ve about had it with granting the far-left carte blanche to yet again urinate all over a memory they never seemed to care much for in the first place, given their insistence that 9/11 was an entirely appropriate response to the evils of the United States.

No, I’ll save that for the anniversary. In the meantime, let’s remember a true leader…

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