Bitter Smear Artist Has New Reason To Be Miserable

Remember this charming fellow?

Two months ago, the Republican National Committee and many conservative commentators went into paroxysms of rage over a report by the Department of Homeland Security drawing attention to the potential terrorist threat of resurgent right-wing extremism. The department ended up apologizing for noting the extremist underground’s attempts to recruit returning military personnel. (All three of the men involved in the Oklahoma City bombing met and developed their convictions while serving in the Army.) As the body count mounts, the department may want to reconsider that apology.

"Hire me, because there simply isn't enough misery in the world."

Yup, that’s right. Tim Rutten, the toast of Moonbats Everywhere, has been rather unceremoniously tossed out onto his considerably keister, much to the chagrin of angry liberals everywhere.

If I were him, I’d think about sending a resume over to AOLHuffPo, but judging from their recent market free-fall, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an offer.

File this under Ha. Ha. Ha.