You Cannot Destroy An Emporer - He Must Do It Himself

As an update to Dan’s earlier post…

It truly does appear as if the moment-by-moment nature of the debt crisis is revealing a president thoroughly incapable and/or unwilling to understand the nature of his own impending irrelevancy.

But the GOP bill to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling, which would avert the coming default crisis, would also require at least one more debt increase before the 2012 election, and the president, working hard for re-election, does not want to deal with the issue again before November 2012. After consulting with Obama Sunday evening, Reid’s willingness to work with the GOP disappeared. (The White House has all along blamed Republicans for blowing up the talks.)

“I think Reid wants to get this done,” says the senior Republican. “The problem is, the White House is so far out on a limb on vetoing anything that doesn’t get Obama through the 2012 election that it’s now kind of personal.” For Reid to keep working with the GOP would be a slap at the president and leader of the Democratic party — a virtually impossible scenario for the Majority Leader

I just ran across Drew’s take on this from AoSHQ, and he makes this rather salient point:

Obama is banking that the Senate Democrats will stick with him so they can lay this at the feet of the House GOP. I’m not sure that’s going to work, especially if the GOP keeps offering plans. At some point enough Senate Democrats are going to decide they don’t want to get tarred with this (remember, they are the majority there after all, though they don’t act like it. Where’s the budget?).

Emphasis mine.

Check, and mate, my friends. The GOP continues to offer plans, while President Obama continues to offer nothing except scorn and bloody constraint. Therein lies his Waterloo.

We conservatives have been asking for three years why this president and his Democrat Party have failed to act in those instances when they’ve had a clear majority, and to date, the only logical explanation seems to be that the Democrats are demontrating their obvious cowardice in the face of having to make leadership-caliber decisions without having a few feckless RINOs to pin it on when the bill comes due. Add Obama’s narcissism and status as “the Lightbringer” into the mix, and you get a thoroughly impotent, soon-to-be–cast-out-again political ideology that, quite literally, refuses to find it’s own ass, even when it’s nose is forced into it.

They were given exactly what they wanted after spending 8 years whining like spoiled schoolgirls, and still they managed to screw it all up beyond recognition, and with each passing moment, that observation would appear to be proven entirely correct.

Some conservatives, like Drew at AoSHQ, believe Obama will eventually blink. I, however, recognize this man for what he is, and am becoming increasingly convinced that he believes he simply cannot afford to. After all, man-made Messiahs, like most egocentrics, are incapable of admitting defeat, even as they’re being evicted from the bully pulpit.