New Age Guru To Liberals - Hey, Let's Get Stupid & Blindly Support Obama

On the heels of Esquire Magazine’s Stephen Marche’s ludicrously cloying ode to mediocrity and now-forgotten hopenchangeyness (“He is what we hope we can be.”), comes Deepak Chopra with an epic display of faulty reasoning and deliberate liberal obtuseness.

But hey, he at least keeps it brief and even breaks it down so the laziest, er…busiest of progressives can accept it without reading it (thanks to James Taranto):

1. Liberals are freethinkers who wisely question their own assumptions. “One of the virtues of being on the liberal side of politics is that total obedience isn’t required. There are no hidden agendas. Ideology doesn’t lead to unreason. . . . Liberal politics is based on a non-regimented, all-inclusive approach to democracy. Freedom of thought is paramount.”

2. Conservatives, by contrast, are sheep who blindly adhere to crazy dogmas.
“It feels as if the inmates are running the asylum–as in the current Republican threat to default on America’s debt. . . . If you suppose that the average citizen remembers that the right wing are the very ones who got us into this forlorn tangle of wars abroad, financial collapse, out-of-control spending, and massive bonuses for the rich, you have not felt the power that fear exerts.”

3. It is crucial to keep Obama in office lest the crazy, stupid conservatives take over.
“The prevailing sanity of President Obama is something that others and I have taken for granted. . . . It was such a relief to return to humane, non-ideological governance when President Obama won in 2008.”

4. Therefore, liberals should stop questioning him and give him their blind support. “All of us who have taken advantage of our liberal heritage to question and criticize President Obama need to step back and consider the radical nature of the opposition. . . . If ever there was a time to stand behind the captain, this is it.”

So, here we go yet again: liberals are smart, conservatives are stupid, but we’re losing. Solution? Get stupid and do what the stupids are doing. Brilliant. No wonder the Democrats love this guy.

Obviously, however, Chopra hasn’t entirely thought this thing through. He recommends that liberals give up their delusions of thoughtfulness and reason in the name of winning an election. Furthermore, why would anyone want to vote for them if all they’re going to do is cast aside their core beliefs (assuming they had any to begin with) when faced with inevitable defeat?

Oh…wait. They’ve already done that.

Needless to say, Chopra’s premises are entirely fallacious, particularly the first one. If we learned anything in college, it is that the claim that liberals in general are open-minded, tolerant and thoughtful is a combination of fraud and self-delusion. Chopra refutes his own first premise by asserting his second one. If he were really the freethinker he claims to be, he would not describe those who disagree in such crudely dismissive terms. Again, this isn’t exactly unprecedented among the so-called “progressive” set. They’ve made an art form out of “Do As I Say, Not As I Do.”

This really begs the question of whether or not the Democrat Party is running out of plays. As we’ve seen with everything from Obamacare to czars to executive orders, the party seems increasingly distrustful of an electorate that has already made clear that perhaps four years of the Lightbringer is quite enough, thank you. Chopra, for all of his blind adoration, at least appears the most willing to accept that fact.