Klavan: A little dose of reality in the midst of Bill Maher's insanity

By now, even my grandmother knows what Maher’s nightly descent into madness has become, so I’m not going to waste anyone’s time by either repeating it or linking to it. In all honesty, I had intended this post to be yet another in a long line of conservative rebukes to a man that seems absolutely committed to the idea that the more profane, vulgar and misogynistic he becomes, the more sway he’ll hold over the conversation.

However, in researching this subject, I ran across this brilliant piece by Andrew Klavan, which does a great job in putting Maher’s HBO-produced train wreck into perspective:

…Maher has been getting a lot of attention lately for trying to get a lot of attention. He generally goes about this by using sexist hate speech against attractive, powerful, and intelligent conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, calling them female vulgarisms, for instance, or, as most recently, hosting comedians who fantasize aloud about sexually abusing them. Yet another attractive, powerful, and intelligent conservative woman, Ann Coulter, who is Maher’s friend, feels that these childish displays should be ignored. “I am sick of this show getting so much free publicity just because they use the f-word, the c-word, say something stupid,” Coulter said on FOX News’s late-night show, Red Eye. “All they are saying is, ‘I hate Michele Bachmann,’ ‘I hate Sarah Palin.’ Except they’re saying, ‘I [expletive] hate Michele Bachmann,’ ‘I [expletive] hate Sarah Palin.’ And then conservative blogs and this show say, ‘Oh, they use the f-word,’ and then they get 8 billion times more viewers.”

As Klavan notes, Coulter has a point; most of us, when we were children, were taught not to stare at the afflicted, yet as adults, we seem perfectly willing to stare at Maher, who, let’s face it, realistically isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But again, here we are, being advised to do the classy thing and let it slide off our backs. Personally, I’ve had it up to my tuchus with letting this nonsense slide, especially when it pertains to being held to a different standard because my accuser happens to be some smug, leftist hypocrite. Hey, I sincerely don’t mind you telling me you don’t appreciate my opinion, nor do I take offense at your being offended. Free speech is free, and nobody has the right to NOT be offended, but don’t call me a hateful, racist cracker, then turn around and crack jokes about hate-f***ing Michelle Bachmann.

Klavan, however, makes his case for ignoring this particular smug, leftist hypocrite:

But with a bow to Coulter’s wisdom, there does seem to me to be one thing worth saying about Maher and the others. Their ugliness seems to be escalating day by day, and with it the dishonesty, distortions, and bullying anger of their mainstream-media fellow travelers. There’s a reason for this, I think. It’s the increasingly apparent failure of Barack Obama. With the notable exception of Osama bin Laden’s execution, the Obama presidency has resembled nothing so much as an episode of Mr. Bean, one slapstick misadventure after another. The stagnant economy, the rising unemployment, the staggering, soon-to-be-crippling debt—hiked more under Obama than under every president from Washington to Reagan combined—these can no longer be blamed on his predecessor but are his to own.

It’s funny, but Klavan really manages to remind me of something we’ve all pretty much known since 2008: the greater their fear, the more unhinged they become.

And if Maher is any example, they’re freakin’ terrified.