Does This President Even WANT A Deal?

Fred Barnes’ story at the Weekly Standard is a must-read that makes a fairly compelling case for the argument that our supercilious, self-important, rude, overbearing, blowhard of a president is less concerned with resolving the debt crisis than he is his own re-election. It explains why these budget talks have been unproductive: because Barack Obama has absolutely no regard for anybody else’s opinion, no patience with dissent of any kind — and no manners. In short, he’s a boor — a boor with authoritarian inclinations:

The president has been less genial away from the prying eyes of the press and the public. In the private talks, he’s dominated the discussion with the eight most senior members of Congress in an overbearing way not likely to lead to compromise. He’s been argumentative. He’s come across as President Blowhard.

After [economic adviser Gene] Sperling briefed the group on the deficit cap proposal, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi addressed another subject. When a Republican participant criticized the deficit cap, Obama interrupted with a monologue. When the Republican tried to speak a second time, the president quickly cut him off and delivered another sermon on why the criticism was wrong.

Some have argued all along that Obama doesn’t really even want a deal. He wants a crisis. His behavior — pretending to be the adult and compromiser in public while actually torpedoing progress in private — is exactly that of somebody who is trying to foment a crisis from which he can benefit. However, I’m not entirely convinced of that. Rather, he is displaying precisely the same sort of behavior he’s always displayed: that of the one “we’ve all been waiting for.”

In other words, he’s the same narcissistic, self-involved bull**** artist he’s always been, but lately, he seems to be making the same mistake many soon-to-be has-been personalities make: he’s reading far too much of his own press. Contrary to what that insipid, cloying Obamabot wrote a while back, our president is not, never has been, nor ever will be a “Lightbringer.”

On the contrary, he’s well on his way to becoming a one-term joke who nearly destroyed an entire economy, simply because a couple of unapologetic terrorists once told him he was “something special.” If Obama really was as intelligent as we were repeatedly told, perhaps he might have considered the original source of that adoration.