Your "Progressive" Deep Thought Of The Day

That bastion of intellectual honesty and champion of tolerance, Media Matters, issued a statement the other day in support of their position that they’re entitled to continue to enjoy their tax-exempt status. The last paragraph included this little gem:

“Our goal is not to shut down Fox News,” he said. “Our goal is to change their behavior and to make them into a legitimate media organization.”

However, on one of the sites that reported this, Politico, a certain member of the enlightened left, “CrankyYankee,” offered up his/her take on the matter:

ox News must be silenced, and Progressives everywhere support Media Matters and anyone else who is working to shut them down.

Once the sloping-forehead sheeple in flyover country are no longer fed a diet of Fox News lies they will stop voting against their own interests and begin to elect the Progressive politicians who will usher in an era of social justice and equality for all.

There is no room in this country for a media empire built on fear and lies. Free speech is OK up to a point, but dangerous fascists like Fox News should not be allowed to spew their garbage. They must be shut down, hopefully jailed. Then we will have the Progressive future we all deserve.

Simply breathtaking.

Now, I’m not a tax attorney, so I’ll leave it to those far more qualified than I to address the question of whether or not MMFA deserves their current status. However, it does appear that there exists a considerable number of regressives, er…progressives who either lack basic reading comprehension skills, or have decided to ignore MMFA’s nuanced approach in favor of finally confirming what we knew all along – the only good conservative is a thoroughly subjugated one.

In any event, one does have to wonder just who is accurately stating their case here; the noble watchdog, or the self-righteous, angry liberal? I’ll give you one guess as to who my money’s on.