How I Learned to Stop Hating Apple & Love My Mac

Before anyone starts in with the whole “Steve Jobs is boycotting Fox” business, let me say this:

I’m an objectivist and a capitalist, and even though Apple is a publicly-held company, I maintain that Jobs has the right to do with his business as he sees fit, just as I’d demand that right for myself. If I wanted to fire a worker who didn’t cut it, hire my brother and promote him to a position of great responsibility (even though he’s a complete moron), or give all my money to a Saint Bernard rescue organization, I’d expect to be able to do so, right?

Ok, so let’s leave Steve and his politics out of this for the time being.

The girlfriend and I are planning on hitting the Apple store Saturday morning around 7 am Chicago time to try and pick up an iPad. She’s been itching for a digital reader for about a year now, and since our household is almost completely powered by Mac, we’ve decided to take the plunge as sort of an early birthday present for her.

An early review of the iPad said this:

Jobs is a relentless perfectionist whose company creates such beautifully designed products that they have changed our expectations about how everything around us should work. He has an uncanny ability to cook up gadgets that we didn’t know we needed, but then suddenly can’t live without.

Damn straight. Up until 2008, I was a PC guy. Loved it. Well, sorta. Hated the constant security updates, the infamous “blue screen of death,” the annoying-as-all-hell “program has stopped responding,” only to click “end now” and NOT have it end. Regardless, I thought Macs were for people who thought themselves better than everyone else.

That is, until I bought my first iPod.

Two years later, my girlfriend and I find ourselves in possession of 2 iPods (one classic, one touch), 2 MacBook Pros, 2 iPhones, an Apple TV, and an almost childlike love of that little chord that plays whenever we power up our laptops.

So again, I’m here to confess say that despite the fact that Jobs is acting like a liberal sycophant, my girlfriend and I are loyal Mac fanboys, and will be standing outside the Apple Store in Skokie early Saturday morning.

The liberals thought they OWNED the blogosphere. Clearly, we’ve proven them wrong. They no doubt currently think they own Apple. Well, my Goldwater Girlfriend and I may have something to say about that, as well.