Culture11: Radically Taking on Culture

Okay so had to have noticed that liberals dominate entertainment, culture and most things that are deemed “cool” in society (aside from guns, motorcycles and other badass endeavors of the sort). And Barack Obama sure isn’t oh-so-close to becoming President because he’s a great leader or has good credentials. He’s where he is because he reached into American culture and – *he got to them. *

Republicans win political arguments, hands down. Democrats win the rest. Why? Because politics never changes but culture does. *Problem? *Conservatives have never had a real outlet to express, contrive, question, approach or pontificate on this stuff openly.

Problem solved. Culture11.com takes conservatives to the bigger picture behind the politics. If we want to start winning in the political world, we have to start winning in the cultural world first.

Think about it: You and I may be hanging out on RedState right now but most of America doesn’t know what’s going on. They are saying, who the heck is Sarah Palin? Who is Joe Biden? They know Barack Obama because he opens his speeches with concerts and tells America he’s the difference we need. He hits America at its heart – their cultural, everyday lives.

That’s what Culture11 wants to do from the other side. We are, as my colleague James wrote so eloquently:

“part net magazine, part social network, Culture11 reads our current condition with a discerning eye. We’re not what to think. We’re how thinking is done. Faith. Family. Ideas. Education. Politics. Community. Arts. Leisure. Technology. Commerce. Media. Eleven angles. One story. Culture11.”

So anyway, if you care about making a real difference and turnaround with the right values, check us out. We’ve got a broad range of experience – libertarians to Neocons to blue dog Dems to Indpendents with traditional values and more. It’s new, it’s different and it’s necessary if we want to take it back. Come to Culture11.com to join the movement.