Regarding Disqus

I want to update the community on Disqus and our use of it.What you must understand first is that we have a growth plan for RedState over the next few years and we needed to push our redesign forward now, before election traffic, because up until the redesign launch RedState was crashing every day. It might not have been noticeable to you, but each day before I posted the Morning Briefing, we were having to reboot RedState because it had ground to a halt.One of the biggest reasons was our comment system. The Word Press comment system does not scale well to a site of our size.Disqus was a logical fit.But there is a problem we are all seeing — trolls.In the past, we required a 24 hour waiting period to comment. Disqus has tossed that out the window.I view RedState’s mission as educating conservative activists, motivating them, and then activating them as necessary. It goes in to almost everything you see on the front page. Incumbent on that is fostering a healthy, strong, and active user community at RedState. Our user community is unique among right of center sites. Every front page writer at RedState in the past six years has come from you guys. Fostering that community, building it, and mobilizing it is important.With Disqus, it is apparent to me that we are developing two communities on RedState — the long term user community and casual readers of RedState. The growth of the casual reader of RedState as a commenter is not important to me. Growing our long term community is important. It is clear over these past few weeks that the long term, active RedState user is being hindered from growth by fly-by-night trolls with no respect for the community.I have tasked our tech development team to, without delay, begin searching for alternative comment solutions or rapidly make Disqus work for us. We should not have to work for Disqus. Unfortunately, while Disqus is a robust comment platform, it is not useful for developing a community when it can be so easily overwhelmed with trolling.We cannot go back to what we had because what we had was killing us. But if we cannot fix Disqus, we need something else. And we need it as soon as possible.That’s where things stand.