Newsflash – Texas State Senators “Decide” to Support Dewhurst over Cruz

For a guy who says he will go to Washington as a “conservative” and fight against the establishment, it sure is curious to see Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst lining up the Texas establishment to defend him in his race for U.S. Senate against the actual conservative, Ted Cruz.Dewhurst has the support of very few people outside of Austin. Think about it. His most powerful endorsement is that of Rick Perry – which while sad, is understandable given that Perry has worked with him for 10 years. Who else? Well, a whole helluva lot of Austin lobbyists – who know full well that if Dewhurst loses, they have to deal with him as the head of the Texas Senate to get bills passed. And now – holy cow, out of the blue – we have 18 of the 19 Senators in the Texas Senate coming out in defense of Lt. Governor (and therefore, Presiding officer of the Senate) Dewhurst…Wonders never cease. What’s even more wondrous about the letter is that the state senators did not even write the letter. According to the metadata of the PDF’ed letter, Michael Grimes, an Austin lobbyist wrote the letter. How very Charlie Crist of David Dewhurst.

You reckon there are any arms being twisted in Austin?Meanwhile, Cruz has overwhelming grassroots support from all over the state of Texas and beyond. For example, Ted has received almost 38,000 contributions… about 10 times as many donations as Dewhurst’s 3854 – with an average size of $167 vs. $1654 for Dewhurst. His contributions come from 865 Texas cities compared to 265 for Dewhurst.And best of all – Dewhurst likes to criticize Ted for receiving the endorsement of the likes of Jim DeMint, the Club for Growth and Sarah Palin – calling them “outsiders.” Yet, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund has more donors in Texas than does Texas’s own Lt. Governor David Dewhurst!This race will be about money for ads coming down the stretch, and getting out the vote. If you are in Texas – vote, and take your friends to vote. And wherever you live – send money to help Ted combat Dewhurst’s endless personal wealth and campaign self-funding…