Wisconsin Democrats' Divided House

The Wisconsin Democratic Party had scheduled a unity rally the day after tomorrow.Tomorrow, Democrat voters will go to the polls to pick a candidate to put up against Scott Walker in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall. Well, it seems the preferred candidate isn’t going to win and the Democrats have said to heck with unity. The Unity Rally is cancelled. It won’t happen. There will be no unity from the party leadership on down. It’s every man and union goon for themselves as they try to unseat Scott Walker.What’s the matter? Well, it seems the preferred candidate, Kathleen Falk, may not win and the candidate the unions don’t care for, Tom Barrett, does not want to be seen in their presence. While the acrimonious primary has unfurled, voters have decided they just don’t really care any more and any major enthusiasm for a recall is gone.It’s not like a majority were ever really in favor of recalling Walker. Remember those Senate recalls that didn’t quite go as planned except for the one guy having the affair? Yeah, about the only good thing to come out of this recall is the unions spending all their money on this effort and still losing.