Pay Attention to Dan Liljenquist in Utah

There aren’t a whole lot of Senate races to get excited about this year. Adam Hasner in Florida, Josh Mandel in Ohio, Don Stenberg in Nebraska, Ted Cruz in Texas, and Jeff Flake in Arizona are about it for me right now. But I do want to beat Heather Wilson in New Mexico and Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin.One race where I’ve sat back a while is Utah. Senator Orrin Hatch is a decent enough guy and very likable, but I get the sense from the grassroots in Utah that they are ready for a change. And I think while Orrin Hatch has done a remarkable job moving right in the past year, I don’t have confidence he’ll stay there once he has another six year term. If past performance is the best indicator of future performance, I think we’ll see a “centrist” Hatch the moment election season ends.So I’m excited to Dan Liljenquist enter the Utah Senate race. I like this guy. I’m excited about this guy and his potential. The grassroots in Utah have high hopes for him and I do too. The buzz is pretty strong he is getting in.That’s good news.