When Not Thinking, You Run On Autopilot — Even David Gregory

“After David Gregory’s “Grand Wizard” comment, why the hell does the GOP want to let NBC conduct another GOP debate?

Were someone in casual conversation to refer to a black person as the n word or even as “colored,” what would the reaction be? And if that person immediately took to twitter to say the “remark this morning was a very poor choice of words. Did not mean to make that connection at all. Was not thinking. I apologize,” what would people think?

Typically when something like that happens, the presumption is that the person must have had his brain on autopilot and released his inner thinking without passing it through the “acceptable discourse” filter or some such. There could be other explanations — maybe he read something or heard something ahead of time and it got lodged in the input/output loop. That happens to everyone.

What exactly explains David Gregory this morning saying there are no “Grand Wizards” in the GOP to push Herman Cain out of the race?

Is he presupposing the existence of Klansmen in politics? Maybe if he means there are none in the GOP, then he is admitting there have been Klansmen in the Democratic Party, see e.g. Robert Byrd.

Either way, running to twitter to apologize for a stunning remark like that suggests David Gregory either really thinks there are a bunch of racists in politics, or David Gregory has been exposed to a bunch of people discussing racists and Herman Cain lately.

And my guess is, frankly, the latter.For the past 48 hours, NBC has led a thunderous assault on the GOP claiming the GOP is only concerned because Cain is black and the women are blonde. The discourse on NBC and MSNBC has been stunning in the race baiting and racial animosity toward the GOP.

Then David Gregory gets involved with his “Grand Wizard” comment. My guess is that the pervasive left-wing anti-GOP bias at NBC even affects guys like Gregory, whether he wants to admit it or not.

And this begs a real and serious question I must ask again: After David Gregory’s “Grand Wizard” comment, why the hell does the GOP want to let NBC conduct another GOP debate?

If the GOP is going to boycott Univision because of its Marco Rubio family smear, why not boycott NBC’s January debate in Florida because of its routine and collective smear of the GOP?