Bill Kristol's Advice

Max Pappas at Freedom Works has the best summation of why Republicans in the House of Representatives should not take Bill Kristol’s advice:

Supported a “moderate” stimulus:

“I would have supported a moderate stimulus.”

Saw nothing wrong with the spending in the stimulus bill:

“If Obama wants a stimulus, Republicans will give it to him tomorrow. It’s the president’s and the Democrats’ insistence on incorporating a huge and problematic policy agenda in this one bill that’s delaying action.”

Supported government involvement in banking industry:

“They should think about breaking up the banks.”

Supported the Wall Street Bailout:

“Some of the same conservatives who (correctly, in my view) made the case for $700 billion for Wall Street pitched a fit over $14 billion in loans for the automakers.”

Supported the Auto Bailout:

“The bill would have allowed President Bush to name a car czar, who could have begun to force concessions from all sides. It also would have averted for now a collapse of the auto industry, and shifted difficult decisions to the Obama administration.”

Thinks Republicans should stand down on corporate tax hikes:

“Republicans are making a mistake if they focus on big businesses and corporate tax rates… Corporations have a ton of cash. The corporate tax rate is not killing big business in America.”

Praises Medicare Part D:

“The Republican-passed Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit is working well and coming in under cost.”

And that’s only part of it. Go check out the whole thing.Then go to https://redstate.com/action and call your congressman to oppose John Boehner’s plan.