Cutting the Troops

I am not one of those who thinks the Defense budget is sacrosanct and cannot be cut. Even Governor Palin is on record saying we cannot spare the Defense budget from cuts in these times and she, unlike me, has a child in harm’s way.In any event, the Defense Department is out saying it will make cuts to the various branches of the military. Am I the only one who thinks it rather ironic that the two branches in for the biggest cuts are the Army and Marines. They also — I’m sure it is totally unrelated. totally — are the two branches of the service that were most vocally opposed to repeal of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.I guess cutting the Army and Marines will boost diversity. Or something. Good grief.In any event, I have no problem cutting the Defense budget. From its bureaucracy to fancy weapons systems advocated by members of Congress while often opposed by the Pentagon itself, cut the Defense budget.But cutting the number of troops in the middle of a war is not just stupid, it is detrimental to our national security.