Gays, Hispanics, and National Security, Oh My!

It’s not lions and tigers and bears we’re dealing with this morning, but gays, Hispanics, and national security.Over the weekend, the United States Senate voted to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Suddenly there are reports in the media about gays currently serving in the military. Who knew there were any?!But in siding with their gay constituents, Democrats threw their Hispanic constituents under the bus — they’re as reliably Democrat as African-American voters, so they really don’t care. The DREAM Act died.Now the question is whether the Democrats can get enough votes for the START Treaty. According to the Constitution, they’ll need two-thirds of the Senate to pass it. Republicans, who are rumored to have tried a deal to pass START and kill DADT, may very well kill the treaty now.At least Congress will finally go home. By the way, did they ever do anything about jobs?