The Good Lord Giveth and the Good Lord Taketh Away

Trey Grayson is getting endorsed by Hal Rogers this morning in Kentucky. The man has been in Congress since 1981. In this election year it might not be the image a Republican would want to have, but Trey Grayson is embracing this endorsement with open arms.There’s just one problem. That’s not the big story in Kentucky today. The big story is James Dobson.Last week, Trey Grayson made much to do over James Dobson endorsing him and not Rand Paul due to Paul’s pro-choice views.Except Paul is pro-life. Very pro-life. And today James Dobson is saying he “made a mistake” and “was mislead.” Dobson says he has gotten more information and is now convinced Paul is pro-life and Dobson was in error in endorsing Trey Grayson.Dobson holds himself up as a man of integrity willing to admit when he made a mistake. He’s doing it today over his endorsement of Trey Grayson and that’s only going to hurt Grayson.Yep, Dobson is retracting his endorsement of Grayson and is now on the Rand Paul team.The good Lord giveth . . .KEY TAKE AWAY: James Dobson says he was “misled” and “Senior Republican leaders” told him Rand Paul is pro-choice. Exactly which members of the Republican leadership lied to James Dobson? That’s almost like lying to the Pope. Geez.