48 Hours. Have You Done What You Can?

“Freedom means you take chances. Freedom means you fight. Let’s send Jim DeMint some reinforcements. Let’s send Jim DeMint Marlin Stutzman.”

48 hours from now, people head to the polls in Indiana.Let me let you in on a little secret. When I endorse and support a candidate, I get a lot more angry emails than I do supportive. That’s the way it works.For the past several months I have gotten the crap kicked out of me for supporting a guy too young to run for the Senate and too conservative to play well with others.People did not like me endorsing Marlin Stutzman, but I did because I believe in him.There are three good men in the race, but Marlin Stutzman is the best man to send to the Senate. I am proud to endorse him. I’m proud to stand with Jim DeMint on this one. But we need your help to get him the nomination.Here’s the problem — this is a race between Coats and Stutzman now. A lot of people like Dan Coats. That’s fine. I get beat up every day from people thinking I’m too hard on him. Never mind his actual record in the Senate or that he fled Indiana ten years ago to become a lobbyist and live in North Carolina.I get it. Most of you do too.We’re in a fight for our future. How does voting for Coats help in that fight when we’re going to have to fight for his seat all over again in six years. Do you really think he’s going to serve twelve in the Senate? He’ll be 73 at the end of his term should he win. The same guys who told us he’s the best choice for Republicans also told us Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter were the best choices.You know, I pick candidates because they are not just conservative in temperament or in instinct, but they are conservatives through and through. We got into the mess we are now in because of Republicans. Read that last sentence again.Republicans became about the party, not the principle. They lost their way. And many of them don’t even want to head back to their principles. They are comfy. They are cushy. And we are all just a minor annoyance soon to burn out and go away.I get flack, a lot of flack, for this from Republicans, from friends, from colleagues — but the fight for freedom is too important to not sometimes say, “Hey, I found this candidate and we should support him even though there are other people running.” Part of my job, and I’m not sure how I fell into it, but part of my job is to catapult good men and women into the arena to fight for freedom. And I’ve done that with my friend Marlin Stutzman like I did with my friend Marco Rubio — neither were high in polls when I picked them and now Marco has won his primary by default and Marlin has victory within reach. Marlin is pro-life. He’s pro-second amendment. He’s for small businesses and families. He has the potential to be in the arena a lot longer than those he is running against and his record compared to theirs shows me that he is consistently right on our issues and will fight unapologetically — not cave or fold or waver or bend or yield when the winds from Washington blow a different way. The other candidates say that too, but they all have records and I’ve studied them. Marlin is the best. Marlin is most likely to stand with conservatives even when that means standing up to Republican leaders.In 48 hours, we have the opportunity to raise up a new conservative leader. We have the opportunity to raise up one of those guys we always say we want to run for office and who did run for office. Let’s not now turn our back on Marlin because I assure you he will not turn his back on us.Have you done all you could? Will you do all you can? Freedom means you take chances. Freedom means you fight. Let’s send Jim DeMint some reinforcements. Let’s send Jim DeMint Marlin Stutzman.