Paging Conservative Activists

I’m helping put on Post Party Summits | Organizing for a Free America.This weekend, there will be a summit in Jacksonville, FL. The cost is only $40.00. You can get the details here. There will also be one in Denver, CO.Next weekend there will be one in Charlotte. You can get the details for Charlotte here. The cost for Charlotte is $50.00.The events are designed to teach local tea party activists and conservatives how to get involved in the political process as a candidate, activist, or general rabble rouser for freedom.They are quite well done.I’ll be at the one in Denver this weekend and then I’ll be at the one in Charlotte next weekend, then I’ll be in Indianapolis the following week. I really think they are worthwhile. The training is first class and they are keeping the fees down so people can attend with minimal costs outside travel and room.If you really want to find out how to put down protest signs and pick up campaign signs, you need to attend one of these post-party summits.