NRSC Endorsed Charlie Crist Bolts the GOP. Won't Give Back Donor Dollars.

One year ago today, NRSC backed Arlen Specter bolted from the GOP. Today, the media is reporting NRSC backed Charlie Crist is also bolting the GOP.Seeing a trend here, aren’t we?Charlie Crist will not only run as an independent in Florida, but he has also reserved all of his air time in Florida through November, or as much as he can.Why?Because he knows the Club for Growth is going to do what they did to Specter — fund an effort to have Crist donors ask for their money back. Well, because Crist has spent it all on television advertising holds that he may or may not later use, he can say he has none to give back.Classy, Charlie.Oh, and below the fold, let’s have a walk down the NRSC funded memory lane.Lamar Alexander, U.S. Senator“The thought of Governor Crist becoming Senator Crist is welcome news. Three years into his first term as Governor, he’s the most popular elected official in Florida’s history because of his outstanding career as a no-nonsense attorney general, a progressive education commissioner, and a fiscally conservative chief executive who last year led Florida to its largest property-tax decrease ever.”Jon Kyl, U.S. Senator“Charlie Crist is the right man at the right time. He’ll help restore a Republican majority to the U.S. Senate in 2010, and I am delighted to support him.”Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator“Decisions are being made every day in Washington that have a direct impact upon the lives of all Americans and we need Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate to ensure that those decisions will benefit the citizens of Florida.”John Cornyn, U.S. Senator and NRSC Chairman“I am pleased today to endorse Governor Charlie Crist for the United States Senate. With his record of reform in Florida, I know that Governor Crist will bring a fresh perspective to Washington in our efforts to fight for lower taxes, less government, and new job creation for all Americans. Charlie Crist is a tireless advocate on behalf of all Floridians and one of only three Governors who earned an ‘A’ from the CATO Institute for his efforts to restrain spending and cut taxes last year.”Mel Martinez, U.S. Senator “As Governor, Charlie has demonstrated a common sense approach to governing that successfully addresses the critical issues facing Florida. He is the type of leader our state needs in Washington.”John McCain, U.S. Senator“As Governor, Charlie Crist has demonstrated his commitment to these fiscally conservative principles by delivering the largest tax cut in Florida history, reducing government spending, and focusing on the issues that are important to Floridians,”Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator “You have been an incredibly successful governor, and I know your style of common-sense conservatism will serve the people of Florida well in the Senate and is exactly what the national Republican Party needs.”

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