How do things look in Indiana? [UPDATED]

There is a rumor of a poll that went out in Indiana that was then not made public. Well, heck, I only call it a rumor because it happened but nobody wants to talk about it.

My guess is, based on the Coats campaign’s behavior, the poll was either done for them or the results then given to them, making it an NRSC poll. That it has not been leaked means it could not be good news for Dan Coats.

Coats raced off to DC for a last minute fundraiser with his lobbyist and Senate buddies and then gave himself a $200,000.00 loan suggests a few things in line with what I’ve been hearing about the poll (I have little birdies everywhere):

  1. Coats is in the lead, which is to be expected.
  2. There are high undecideds — probably over 30%.
  3. Undecideds are breaking toward Marlin Stutzman in large numbers.
  4. Coats’ support is incredibly soft.

This means Coats needs to get up on air heavily, hence the money.

Marlin too needs to stay up on air. Right now, Marlin is spending more on air than Coats. Let’s keep Marlin on the air.

This also means someone needs to be brave enough to point out inconvenient facts like Dan Coats was a lobbyist for bailed out banks, Yemen, internet regulations, and assorted other stuff conservative activists would not be pleased with.

And while we are on it, Dan Coats still has not filed his disclosure report. Why would he not want primary voters to know what is in his report? Just what is Dan Coats hiding?

Conservatives need to rally to Marlin Stutzman.

UPDATE: Steve Brown says it is a Survey USA poll done for a media company and the results aren’t secret, just not to be released till tomorrow. What is odd about that is the sample of the poll I’m talking about, which I’ve been told was Survey USA, was taken Thursday-Friday of last week. Why wait a week to release the polling when so much has happened since then?