Another Reason to Support Marlin Stutzman

The NRSC backed Arlen Specter and a year ago today Specter bolted.The NRSC backed Charlie Crist and today Charlie Crist is bolting.The NRSC is backing Dan Coats. Now, there is no way under the sun that Dan Coats would bolt the GOP. But can we trust the NRSC’s judgment that Coats is the best guy?Marlin Stutzman filed his financial disclosure. Coats has not.Marlin Stutzman has an A+ rating from the NRA. Coats does not.Marlin Stutzman has lived in Indiana for the past ten years. Coats has not.Marlin Stutzman has never lobbied for bailed out banks. Coats has.There are huge undecideds in this race in Indiana. Give money to Marlin Stutzman. Get him through the primary.Don’t let the NRSC keep picking the candidates. Conservatives need to choose. And conservatives need Marlin Stutzman.