It's Official: Barack Obama Is A Pariah

I told you Barack Obama had become a pariah among Democrats.Back in March he went to Missouri to raise money for Senator Claire McCaskill, who is not even on the ballot this year. He ignored Robin Carnahan who is running for the Senate. In fact, Carnahan was in DC on the same day and cryptically said we’d all have to talk to the White House if we wanted to know if Carnahan and Obama would ever appear together in public.Well, Obama is headed back to Missouri. It’s allegedly part of his “Main Street” tour to tout the need for financial deform. Odd then isn’t it that the event will be closed to the press?So even if Carnahan shows, we won’t see them together.Why does the President of the United States go to Macon, MO to tout a legislative proposal and not want to be seen unless he is a pariah? After all, every state wide candidate he has campaigned for since his election has lost.