Bob Bennett's Final Days of Power

Real Clear Politics has seen the polling. It’s not just any polling, but a Mason-Dixon poll. Those are typically very reliable.And the result?Bob Bennett is toast.

If no candidate receives 60% of the delegate vote at the May 8 convention, the top two finishers advance to the June 22 primary. However, Bennett currently finds himself in third place. Mike Lee leads with 37%, followed by Tim Bridgewater with 20%, Bennett with 16% and Cherilyn Eagar with 11%.”Bennett has almost no shot of getting more votes at the convention than Bridgewater and Lee,” said Mason-Dixon managing director Brad Coker.

This will be a real victory for conservatives. But, we need to rally to Mike Lee quickly. We need Mike in office. As bad as Bennett is, Bridgewater has profited from Obama’s economic policies like the stimulus.Mike Lee is the conservative who can win and will be awesome.

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