Do You Live In Colorado?

This past Friday night I spoke to the Post-Party Summit in Pittsburgh, PA. More than 200 people turned out to learn how to be political activists, organizers, and candidates.The Post-Party Summits are all about Organizing for a free America, being conservative community organizers.This weekend in Denver, there will be a Post-Party Summit. You can learn more here. The cost is only $50.00.Here is some of the feedback from Pittsburgh:

“This was fantastic. I feel like I just robbed you by only paying $50 for this.” “The whole workshop was BEYOND my expectations! I never expected the degree of excellence. The information was needed….I look forward to follow-ups to learn even more!” “This is great! No one should feel alone anymore. Hello world, the vocal majority is taking its rightful place!”

You cannot sit down any more. You must stand up. The fight for freedom requires every man and woman off the sidelines and into the political process.If you live in Colorado, you owe it to yourself to get to the Post-Party Summit. Besides, I’ll be there too.