To the Senate GOP Leadership, There Ain't Nothing Like Having Someone with 100% Name ID Who Can't Win a Primary Givin' Them Advice

There is a pattern shaping up with Mitch McConnell’s increasingly feckless leadership in the United States Senate Republican Conference.Judd Gregg bails to go work for Obama only to return. Mitch McConnell has him as a “counsel” to the Senate GOP.Bob Bennett, about to be thrown out of office by the Republican voters of Utah, is a “counsel” to the Senate GOP.Today, Mitch McConnell is naming another counsel — one who, despite near 100% name ID among voters could not even win a Republican Primary.That’s right, McConnell is naming Kay Bailey Hutchison as a counsel to the Senate GOP.Remember her? She promised to leave the Senate only to break that and so many other promises.With wise counsel like that, is it any wonder the Senate GOP failed to wage a full fight on health care and are even now caving on financial deform?You know what to do people. Support Ken Buck, Rand Paul, Marlin Stutzman, Mike Lee, Chuck Devore, Pat Toomey, Danny Tarkanian, and Marco Rubio.