The Media Double Standard on Language

Not to be fixated on the media suddenly shifting language in the abortion debate now that they’ve realized pro-abortion forces are losing, but it seems there is more than a little hypocrisy out there.To review: the media has decided to stop using the phrase “pro-life” because it is a loaded term. They are using “anti-abortion”, which itself is a loaded term. Never mind that some in the media continue using “pro-choice” instead of “pro-abortion”.People do not like to be considered “anti” anything and that word choice has as much of a psychological impact as using “pro”.Well, that brings me to the Democrats’ poll tested use of the word “reform” that the media is using gladly.Reform connotes a good thing. It is an intentional word choice in the propaganda battle for the hearts and minds of swing voters. So you are either for reform or against reform. Never mind what the reforms are.So if the media really wants to be fair and balanced, why are they letting Democrats dictate the word choice and, in essence, painting the Republicans as being anti-reform when, like with health care, it was just not that particularly reform the Republicans supported?