Desperate Dan Coats Tries to Repackage Old As New. Again.

Dan Coats knows he is in trouble in Indiana. Momentum is with Marlin Stutzman who just received endorsements from Mark Levin, David Keene, Jim DeMint, and an A+ rating from the NRA — the highest of any candidate running.So Coats is trying to get free media to say Mike Pence just endorsed him. In reality, way back in February when Coats entered the race, Mike Pence had some kind words for the former senator. Coats wants everyone to believe the kind words came as an endorsement today after Jim DeMint’s endorsement of Marlin Stutzman earlier this week. It is the clearest sign yet that Marlin Stutzman is surging in Indiana and Coats is worried.Since entering the race as DC GOP’s handpicked candidate, he lost the Indiana grassroots straw poll to Stutzman, missed his fundraising goal, got hammered by NRA for being anti-gun, and attacked by Democrats for being a Washington lobbyist planning to retire to North Carolina and lobbying for the auto bailout. Do we really want a guy in the Senate who is desperate to create a rift between the two conservative leaders in Congress while refusing to talk about his opposition to senior citizens being allowed to choose their own doctor or about the NRA noting just how bad he is on second amendment issues?Desperate Dan is desperate again.

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