Charlie Crist's GOP Comes Under Federal Investigation. Rubio Affected.

As the morning sun comes up in Florida there is big news. The U.S. attorney, IRS and FBI are investigated the Florida GOP for practices Charlie Crist’s hand picked chairman put in place.Remember those credit card expenditures that Crist has been attacking Rubio over? If you don’t, Charlie’s hand picked Florida Republican Party Chairman, Jim Greer, and Executive Director Delmar Johnson, passed out American Express cards for Republican officials to serve the party’s purposes.Johnson alone spent something like $100,000.00 in one month on his AmEx, no doubt taking lessons from Charlie Crist’s $10,000.00 mini-bar raids on taxpayer dime while in Europe.Crist raised the issue after taking without permission Marco Rubio’s credit card statement. Rubio, serving as Florida Speaker, had one of the cards. Well, now Charlie’s Chairman, Jim Greer, along with Delmar Johnson are under federal investigation.Along the way, though, Marco Rubio is also being looked at. Rubio used the party credit card several times for personal expenditures, but then repaid the money. The IRS will be looking into whether he abused his credit card for personal expenditures.Given what we know already, the headline is more sensational than the facts, but no doubt the left will use it as a club. So will Crist while trying very hard to ignore that he himself and those he put in place at the party are the ones who set this all up from start to finish.