Is It Enough to Elect Republicans?

What if I told you there was a free-market based jobs package that wound its way through the legislature backed by small business groups, free market groups, conservative groups, tax reform advocates and others?What if I told you that one Republican sided with the most liberal members of the legislature to oppose the legislation?What if I told you part of the reason that Republican opposed the legislation is because it cut taxes?What if I told you that the greater reason this Republican opposed the legislation was because he did not want another Republican to get credit for it because that other Republican wrote the legislation?Pretty crummy, right?Well let me ask you one more question: what if I told you the other Republican — the one who wrote the legislation — is running for Congress along with the guy who sided with the left?So is it enough to elect Republicans? Lee Hawkins, the Republican who sided with the left to oppose the free market jobs bill would be a perfectly fine and typical Republican. He’d vote the way leadership tells him to vote, whether on TARP or bailouts or health care. He’d bring on the bacon with gusto, perfectly happy to spend your money on his district never considering it is your money and you might like it more.Then there is Tom Graves. He’s the guy who wrote the legislation. Tom Graves, like Pam Gorman in Arizona, actually bled for the conservative cause metaphorically at least. He, unlike Lee Hawkins, opposed Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly. Tom Graves spoke out against the GOP’s free spending, tax increasing ways. He was punished. In fact, seven different times Tom Graves spoke out and was punished — stripped of his position, stripped of his office, exiled out of the Capitol Building.But he kept fighting for the conservative cause. He set up a caucus of conservatives to strategize and fight for free enterprise, small businesses, and you.I would say it is not enough to vote for Republicans. We need to vote for conservative Republicans. Between Tom Graves and Lee Hawkins, we need Tom Graves.It is not enough for us to just go into swing districts and try to beat the Democrats. We need also to beat Republicans who are the type that caused the GOP to lose its way. We cannot redeem the party in the eyes of the public without putting in office good men and women of character.Please, please, please don’t sit this out. We can dramatically improve this safely Republican seat. We can do it by electing Tom Graves.His supporters have organized a money bomb for him. Let’s give what we can and get him to higher office.