Rob Jesmer's Strategy Comes Crashing Down Around Him

NOTE: I had it from good sources that Crist was going to bow out altogether, but it looks like he will keep his partisan affiliation with the GOP and run as an independent._________________________________________It was Rob Jesmer who made the brilliant decision to get Charlie Crist into the U.S. Senate race in Florida.It was Jesmer whose actions have caused an expensive primary to break out putting the Florida Governor’s mansion at risk on the eve of redistricting. It was Jesmer who caused money to be needlessly spent in Florida on the Senate primary. Remember: Rubio was already in the race and Jesmer convinced Crist to enter after Rubio was already in and raising money.You can read more about the decisions made by the NRSC’s top strategist here.Then know this. Today, Charlie Crist won’t return John Cornyn’s phone call and Rob Jesmer just sent out the following email:

Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 11:35 AM
Subject: FL

Just a quick off the record assessment of where things stand in FL.We believe there is zero chance Governor Crist continues running in the Republican primary. It our view that if Governor Crist believes he cannot win a primary then the proper course of action is he drop out of the race and wait for another day. We have communicated this message indirectly and would have given it to the Governor directly had he returned Senator Cornyn’s phone call.Whether or not you supported our endorsement of Governor Crist, we all share the same goal of keeping the seat in Republican hands. To that end, if the Governor decides to run independent, regardless of any public commitments he makes regarding organization, we will support Marco Rubio in any way possible. If any of you have influence with Governor Crist, we hope you will call his campaign and encourage him to do the right thing.Thanks for your support of NRSC (through good times and bad).Let me know if you have any questions.Rob_________________________________________
Rob Jesmer
Executive Director
National Republican Senatorial Committee